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Message From VP of Recruitment :

Hello, my name is Lance Moore . Rushing a fraternity my first semester of college was the best decision I could have made. Being a freshman can be overwhelming, adapting to a new environment, being surrounded by strangers, and acclimating to a new academic course load. These were some of the obstacles I was able to overcome with the support of a fraternity. Getting involved in a Greek organization, you are given the opportunity to join a brotherhood for life, acquire leadership skills, and provide a positive impact on the community. In fact, last semester our fraternities cumulatively raised over $100,000 for charity. The opportunities, experiences, and relationships acquired through Greek life, not only enhance and support your time here at FAU, but provide a foundation for your future.

Lance Moore

What to Know While Rushing at FAU

General Requirements

  • Must be a  student at Florida Atlantic University 

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (2.7 GPA Preferred)

  • Pay Your $35 Recruitment Fee

  • Fee covers recruitment merchandise  - Refund will be given to students who do NOT receive a Bid 

  • Hazing Prevention Online Modules  (Required)

  • Recruitment Orientation ( Required)

Recruitment Dates 

  • September 5th: BBQ on Housing Lawn

  • Recruitment Week: September 9-13th

  • September 9th: Orientation to IFC - Student union 

  • September 10th: Open House - Student Union

  • September 15th: Bid Day at the Stadium 

Participating Fraternities 

  • Alpha Epsilon PI (AEPI)

  • Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)

  • Delta Tau Delta (Delt)

  • Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt)

  • PI Kappa Alpha (Pike)

  • Pi Kappa Phi (Pi kapp)

  • Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig)

  • Sigma Chi ( Sigs) 

What to Know While Rushing at FAU

Do you feel lost or confused when hearing unfamiliar terms or phrases?

We have all been there!


The act of Rushing a fraternity can consist of attending a series of social events and gatherings that allow a current fraternal organization to get to know you. Each institution has its own particular style for conducting rush.

Rush week

At FAU, Rush week is from September  9th - 13th 2024

Potential New Member 

A student who is not yet affiliated with a chapter and is interested in joining a fraternity.


When a group decides which new members they would like to join their organization, they give them a “Bid”, which is an offer to join. When a student receives this Bid, they are able to accept, deny or defer the bid to join that fraternity.


  • Pledging is typically around 6 weeks soon after one is given a formal bid. Pledging can very between each organization.

  • Feel free to ask any organization their pledging process and what they do during that time.

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